Android Apps

Find applications for Google's Android platform here.

Android is Google's platform for mobile applications. The applications here have been tested on the Android release for the Openmoko Freerunner phone, so they might not work on an official Google phone.

Applications here are released under

YGPS Android Satellite Status APK

A small application that shows the location and signal strength of the GPS satellites. This new version works on Android v 1.5 (cupcake) and beyond. The only permission it requires is to access the GPS. The app does not store any data on your unit.

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YGPS Satellite Status Source Code

Source code in zip file format for cupcake version of YGPS. This source code does not handle the UBlox interaction anymore.

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YGPS Ublox Assist APK

To speed up time to fix on Openmoko Android only, this app interacts with the U-Blox online assist server to prime the GPS chip. This app does not have a user-interface per-se: you will need the YGPS Satellites app to interact with it. This app runs on the OpenMoko Freerunner only.

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YGPS Ublox Assist Source

This is the source for the YGPSUblox app, released under GPL v3

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