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Kunming City and Surroundings 昆明市

Xiaoshuijing Christian Miao Village

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Xiaoshuijing 小水井 is the largest Miao village in the Kunming area and predominantly Christian.

Kunming Cherry

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March in Kunming is cherry flower time and there is no better place for taking a snap than Kunming Zoo on top of Yuantongshan.

Banqiao Autumn Fair

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The Autumn Fair marks the beginning of the harvest period in Banqiao and is a good opportunity to see some of the Bai Yi in full dress.

Guandu Old Town

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The small town of Guandu is perhaps the last relic of what was once known as 'Old Kunming': narrow streets lined with small houses, temples abound, people walking.

Red Soil of Dongchuan

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The colourful fields and erosion formations of Dongchuan have become a must-see travel destination for photographers