Yunnan - China's most beautiful province

A Republic Era Map of Dali

A Republic Era map shows the development of the Dali region over the last hundred years.

Jim Goodman: Living in Shangrila

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When Diqing Prefecture, opened its doors to foreign visitors in 1992, tourist agencies and government officials promoted Zhongdian County as the Shangrila of James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon. In 2001 the city officially changed its name to Shangrila. On a high plateau of over 3200 meters, surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks, inhabited mainly by relatively prosperous, friendly and contented Tibetans, with beautiful monasteries, lakes, forests and summer flowers, the county’s scenery and lifestyle certainly bore a strong resemblance to that in the novel. Living in Shangrila describes the life and environment of the Tibetan people throughout Diqing Prefecture. It also examines their neighbors the Mosuo, a branch of the Naxi nationality, who adopted Tibetan Buddhism as their religion, but are still mainly a matrilineal society, unique to Yunnan, living around Lugu Lake, the most picturesque body of water in the province. The book includes over 200 photographs.

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Weishan town has the best preserved collection of Qing architecture in all of Yunnan province, including a recently restored complex including a Temple for the Yellow Emperor 玉皇阁.

Ma Jianxiong: The Lahu Minority in Southwest China

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The Lahu, with a population of around 470,000, inhabit the mountainous country in Yunnan Province bordering on Burma, Laos and northern Thailand. Buddhists, with a long history of resistance to the Chinese Han majority, the Lahu are currently facing a serious collapse of their traditional social system, with the highest suicide rate in the world, large scale human trafficking of their women, alcoholism and poverty. This book, based on extensive original research including long-term anthropological research among the Lahu, provides an overview of the traditional way of life of the Lahu, their social system, culture and beliefs, and discusses the ways in which these are changing. It shows how the Lahu are especially vulnerable because of their lack of political representatives and a state educated elite which can engage with, and be part of, the government administrative system. The Lahu are one of many relatively small ethnic minorities in China – overall the book provides an example of how the Chinese government approaches these relatively small ethnic minorities.

Largest Miao village in the Kunming area with a large Christian community and a nationally-acclaimed church-choir.

Markets this Tuesday

Kunming 昆明
Jiulong 九龙乡

Dali 大理
Fuheng 富恒
Yongping 永平县
Huangping 黄平镇
Fengyu 风羽
Longjie 龙街
Liandong 炼洞
Longjie 龙街
Baofeng 宝丰乡
Guanping 关平
Zhongjiang 中江
Binju 宾居
Madeng 马镫
Dali 大理
Shuijing 水井
Caicun 才村

Lijiang 丽江
Banqiao 板桥
Yongsheng 永胜县

Honghe 红河
Niujie 牛街镇
Niujiaozhai 牛角寨
Caoba 草坝镇
Wantang 湾塘乡
Mingjiu 鸣鹫镇
Dixibei 地西北
Sankeshu 三棵树
Dayangjie 大羊街
Shaochong 哨冲镇

Wenshan 文山
Badaoshao 八道哨乡
Heizhiguo 黑支果乡
Jiayi 稼依镇
Xinzhai 新寨乡
Boai 剥隘镇
Dongma 董马乡

Chuxiong 楚雄
Gaoqiao 高桥镇
Dalongkou 大龙口乡

Baoshan 保山市
Zhonghe 中和
Bawan 坝湾镇
Mangkuan 芒宽彝族傣族乡

Lincang 临沧
Fengqing 凤庆县
Menglai 勐来乡
Yalian 亚练乡

Zhaotong 昭通
Linfeng 麟风
Shuitian 水田

Yuxi 玉溪
Mosha 漠沙镇
Yangjie 羊街乡
Xingmeng 兴蒙
Hexi 河西
Dianzhong 甸中

Diqing 迪庆
Kangpu 康普

Nujiang 怒江
Lishadi 利沙底乡
Gudeng 古登
Bingzhongluo 丙中洛

Puer 普洱
Qushui 曲水乡
Mengsuo 勐梭镇
Menglian 孟连傣族拉祜族佤族自治县