Yunnan - China's most beautiful province

Black Well, White Gold

Black Well, White Gold
Heijing is a small town in the northern Chuxiong mountains. Salt once made Heijing one of Yunnan's richest towns. Now its architectural splendours are being rediscovered.

Jim Goodman: The Akha

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The Akha, in China known as the Aini branch of the Hani people, migrated from China southwards into Laos, Burma and Thailand. In this richly illustrated book J Goodman, aka 'Akha Jim', explains their life and culture.

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In 2009, at the Shibaoshan Singing Festival, traditional dress in the Dali was more prevalent than it is today, and the dress was often still hand-made, rather than shop-bought.

Brenda McLean: George Forrest, Plant Hunter

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George Forrest, perhaps the most successful plant collector of his time, left little written about his numerous journeys to Yunnan, so this well-illustrated book fills in much needed detail about his life.

A spectacularly narrow canyon high above the Jinsha River.

Markets this Tuesday

Dali 大理
Fuheng 富恒
Yongping 永平县
Fengyu 风羽
Liandong 炼洞
Dacang 大仓镇
Haidong 海东
Fengyi 凤仪
Dianzhong 甸中
Baofeng 宝丰乡
Guanping 关平
Weishan 巍山彝族回族自治县
Wase 挖色
Madeng 马镫
Binju 宾居
Shuijing 水井

Honghe 红河
Caoba 草坝镇
Mingjiu 鸣鹫镇
Wantang 湾塘乡
Dayangjie 大羊街
Mengping 勐坪

Wenshan 文山
Lida 里达镇
Zhujie 朱街镇
Jiayi 稼依镇
Shuanglongying 双龙营乡
Mugan 木杆
Zhulin 珠琳镇
Banlun 板仑乡
Funing 富宁县

Chuxiong 楚雄
Gaoqiao 高桥镇
Dalongkou 大龙口乡

Baoshan 保山市
Zhonghe 中和
Mangkuan 芒宽彝族傣族乡
Bawan 坝湾镇

Lincang 临沧
Menglai 勐来乡

Yuxi 玉溪
Fuliangpeng 富良棚
Mosha 漠沙镇

Nujiang 怒江
Gudeng 古登
Lishadi 利沙底乡
Bingzhongluo 丙中洛
Fugong 福贡

Puer 普洱
Kangping 康平乡
Mengsuo 勐梭镇
Menglian 孟连傣族拉祜族佤族自治县