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Learning Bai

Learning Bai
Bai 白族话 is the language spoken by the Bai people 白族 in the Dali area. While Chinese has become the lingua franca, Bai is still actively spoken by many, particularly older people, but it does not have a native written form and comes in many dialects. Here we list the available resources for learning this difficult language.

A forrest fire burning on the eastern side of Erhai during the dry season in 2024.

John Israel: Lianda: A Chinese University in War and Revolution

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Everyone knows about the Mao's Long March, but a few years later another long march took place: that of Chinese students leaving their cushy campuses on the east coast, trekking all the way to Yunnan where their universities reformed as Lianda, the united university. Kunming, then a total backwater, became a hotbed for new ideas, not just scientific. We liked the section of east coast girls scampering around Mengzi in their latest fashion.

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Judith Shapiro: Mao's War Against Nature: Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China

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Even if Chinese civilization has developed more against than with nature, the Mao years were a particular exercise in environmental destruction. In one case-study Shapiro tells the story of the draining of the northern part of Dianchi Lake, one of the first steps turning Kunming's lake into the fetid cess-pool it is today.

Rushan is a dried cow milk cheese, made in the Dali region. 

Markets this Saturday

Kunming 昆明
Fazhe 法者镇
Wumeng 乌蒙乡
Shilin 石林彝族自治县
Tangdan 汤丹镇
Kedu 柯渡镇

Dali 大理
Zhoucheng 州城
Yongping 永平县
Paiying 排营
Fengyi 凤仪
Lijiao 力角
Shijing 师井
Weishan 巍山彝族回族自治县
Diannan 甸南
Wase 挖色
Dianzhong 甸中
Zuòyì 作邑
Shuanglang 双廊镇
Dacang 大仓镇
Jiangwei 江尾镇

Lijiang 丽江
Jiuhe 九河

Dehong 德宏
Lianghe 梁河县
Kachang 卡场镇

Honghe 红河
Niujiaozhai 牛角寨
Xinansuo 新安所镇
Mengla 勐拉
Leyu 乐育
Daheishan 大黑山乡
Sancun 三村
Wuwan 乌弯
Xinxian 新现乡
Daheigong 大黑公
Maandi 马鞍底

Wenshan 文山
Shadou 沙斗
Matang 马塘镇
Pingba 坪坝镇
Jiumo 旧莫乡
Nijiao 腻脚彝族乡
Jijie 鸡街乡
Donggan 董干镇
Tienpeng 田蓬镇

Chuxiong 楚雄
Dahekou 大河口乡
Wanyaoshu 弯腰树

Baoshan 保山市
Wafang 瓦房彝族白族乡
Mangbang 芒棒

Lincang 临沧
Yongde 永德县
Danjia 单甲乡
Lushi 鲁史
Fuhe 复合
Mengdui 孟堆乡

Yuxi 玉溪
Mosha 漠沙镇
Fuliangpeng 富良棚

Nujiang 怒江
Fugong 福贡
Hexi 河西
Puladi 普拉底乡
Laowo 老窝
Aludi 阿路底

Puer 普洱
Mangxin 芒信镇
Qiannuo 千糯
Kangping 康平乡

Diqing 迪庆
Xiaoweixi 小维西
Kaifaqu 开发区