Yunnan - China's most beautiful province

The Bai in Early Chinese Minority Film

After Liberation in 1949 Chinese cinema became a propaganda medium for the New China. The 1950 saw cinemas spreading to all towns, showing movies meant to increase the socialist spirit and fostering national unit. China's ethnic minorities often featured in these films before the Cultural Revolution. Only after its end played ethnic minority themes a role again. Here we look at films from before 2000 that feature the Bai minority.

Jim Goodman: The Akha

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The Akha, in China known as the Aini branch of the Hani people, migrated from China southwards into Laos, Burma and Thailand. In this richly illustrated book J Goodman, aka 'Akha Jim', explains their life and culture.

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Followers of Jianchuan Azhali Buddhism perform a candle dance in Shaxi.

Hometown of many Bai merchants, Xizhou boast some impressive architecture.

Brenda McLean: George Forrest, Plant Hunter

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George Forrest, perhaps the most successful plant collector of his time, left little written about his numerous journeys to Yunnan, so this well-illustrated book fills in much needed detail about his life.

The Yi in the southern part of Dali have a special Dance and Song Festival.

Once an important salt-mining town, now the second largest town along the Heihui River north of Yangbi.

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Kunming 昆明
Kedu 柯渡镇

Dali 大理
Junhua 均化
Duomei 朵美
Shuanglang 双廊镇
Yangcen 羊岑
Niujie 牛街
Shanyang 衫阳
Biaocun 表村
Maidi 脉地
Liuhe 六合
Dali 大理
Caicun 才村
Heqing 鹤庆县
Daying 大营
Qiaohou 乔后

Lijiang 丽江
Liming 黎明

Xishuangbanna 西双版纳
Xiding 西定哈尼族乡

Honghe 红河
Mengla 勐拉
Niujiaozhai 牛角寨
Dianwei 甸尾乡
Heping 和平乡
Maandi 马鞍底
Baixian 白显

Wenshan 文山
Shadou 沙斗
Jiumo 旧莫乡
Nijiao 腻脚彝族乡
Tienpeng 田蓬镇
Jijie 鸡街乡
Donggan 董干镇

Chuxiong 楚雄
Jiyi 己衣乡
Tanhua 昙花乡
Sanchahe 三岔河乡
Mixing 弥兴镇
Guanglu 光路镇
Dongpo 东坡傣族乡

Baoshan 保山市
Xinzhai 新寨
Hehua 荷花傣族佤族乡

Lincang 临沧
Lushi 鲁史
Mengding 孟定
Fengqing 凤庆县
Nanmei 南美拉祜族乡
Banhong 班洪乡

Zhaotong 昭通
Shuanghe 双河

Yuxi 玉溪
Jiasa 戛洒镇
Tadian 塔甸
Xingmeng 兴蒙
Hexi 河西

Nujiang 怒江
Jiakedi 架科底乡
Pihe 匹河怒族乡

Puer 普洱
Nuofu 糯福
Mengma 孟马镇