Yunnan - China's most beautiful province

The Bai in Early Chinese Minority Film

After Liberation in 1949 Chinese cinema became a propaganda medium for the New China. The 1950 saw cinemas spreading to all towns, showing movies meant to increase the socialist spirit and fostering national unit. China's ethnic minorities often featured in these films before the Cultural Revolution. Only after its end played ethnic minority themes a role again. Here we look at films from before 2000 that feature the Bai minority.

Ma Jianxiong: The Lahu Minority in Southwest China

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The Lahu, with a population of around 470,000, inhabit the mountainous country in Yunnan Province bordering on Burma, Laos and northern Thailand. Buddhists, with a long history of resistance to the Chinese Han majority, the Lahu are currently facing a serious collapse of their traditional social system, with the highest suicide rate in the world, large scale human trafficking of their women, alcoholism and poverty. This book, based on extensive original research including long-term anthropological research among the Lahu, provides an overview of the traditional way of life of the Lahu, their social system, culture and beliefs, and discusses the ways in which these are changing. It shows how the Lahu are especially vulnerable because of their lack of political representatives and a state educated elite which can engage with, and be part of, the government administrative system. The Lahu are one of many relatively small ethnic minorities in China – overall the book provides an example of how the Chinese government approaches these relatively small ethnic minorities.

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Bai Tie-Dye is part of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage, still carried out in simple workshops using traditional techniques.

Largest Miao village in the Kunming area with a large Christian community and a nationally-acclaimed church-choir.

C. Patterson Giersch: Asian Borderlands

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Yunnan was not always China: indeed not so long ago large parts of Yunnan were only nominally part of the empire. To make Yunnan, outside the main Han cities, a Chinese province required significant effort. Here Giersch's study on Yunnan's hinterland makes an interesting if academic read.

A pretty lake area south of Eryuan.

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Kunming 昆明
Shilin 石林彝族自治县
Kedu 柯渡镇
Tuanjie 团结
Tangdan 汤丹镇
Wumeng 乌蒙乡
Fazhe 法者镇

Dali 大理
Duomei 朵美
Zhoucheng 州城
Shuanglang 双廊镇
Junhua 均化
Yongping 永平县
Jiangwei 江尾镇
Paiying 排营
Shijing 师井
Lijiao 力角
Liuhe 六合
Diannan 甸南
Heqing 鹤庆县

Lijiang 丽江
Jiuhe 九河

Honghe 红河
Mengla 勐拉
Xinansuo 新安所镇
Leyu 乐育
Daheishan 大黑山乡
Xinxian 新现乡
Maandi 马鞍底
Xinjie 新街

Wenshan 文山
Matang 马塘镇
Shadou 沙斗
Pingba 坪坝镇
Nijiao 腻脚彝族乡
Donggan 董干镇
Tienpeng 田蓬镇
Jijie 鸡街乡

Chuxiong 楚雄
Dahekou 大河口乡
Wanyaoshu 弯腰树
Mixing 弥兴镇

Baoshan 保山市
Xiaopingtian 小平田
Tengchong 腾冲县
Wama 瓦马彝族白族乡

Lincang 临沧
Mangka 芒卡镇
Lushi 鲁史
Fengwei 风尾镇
Boshang 博商
Mengjiao 勐角乡

Zhaotong 昭通
Shuanghe 双河

Yuxi 玉溪
Chahe 岔河
Mosha 漠沙镇
Dalongtan 大龙潭

Nujiang 怒江
Hexi 河西
Puladi 普拉底乡
Laowo 老窝
Aludi 阿路底

Puer 普洱
Yongping 永平镇
Meng'a 孟啊

Diqing 迪庆
Kaifaqu 开发区
Xiaoweixi 小维西
Zhonglu 中路