Ming Dynasty Dali Funerary Figurines 明朝大理随葬陶俑

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During the Ming dynasty terracotta figurines became popular funerary objects in Dali. These pictures are from the Dali Municipal Museum 大理市博物馆.

Wocun Emperor Day 萂村天子节

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Binchuan's Wocun 萂村 celebrates its king of a brief kingdom between Nanzhao and the Dali Kingdom during the lunar New Year period.

Yi Ancestor Worship 彝族祭祖

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An Yi ancestor worship ritual performed at Weibaoshan.

Bai Rattlestick Dance 白族霸王鞭

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The Bai Rattlestick dance is part of Yunnan's Intangible Cultural Heritage, photographed at a training session near Dali's Old Town.

Shibaoshan Opening Ceremony 石宝山开幕式

teaser image for Shibaoshan Opening Ceremony 石宝山开幕式 slides
Pictures from the Opening Ceremony of the 2019 Shibaoshan Songfest.

Three Pagodas 三塔

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Different views of the Three Pagodas in Dali.

Dali Cherry Blossom 大理樱花

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Cherry Flower in an upmarket Dali residential district.

Xiaguan Longwei Gate 下关龙尾关

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Longwei Gate was once Xiaguan's city gate towards the north, the place where the caravan road to Tibet started. Today the area is Xiaguan's only remaining old part.

Zhoucheng Tie-Dye 周城扎染

teaser image for Zhoucheng Tie-Dye 周城扎染 slides
The white and blue tie-dye of the Bai in Zhoucheng is part of Yunnan's intangible cultural heritage.

Zhoucheng Wenmiao and Wumiao 州城文庙武庙

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The large Wenmiao and Wumiao Complex in Zhoucheng 州城 underlines the towns historic importance.

Naraka 地狱

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Depictions of Buddhist Hell in the Guanyin Temple 观音阁 in Zhoucheng 州城.

Puxian Birthday 普贤会

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Puxian's Birthday celebrated in Dali, Bai style.