Weishan Nightscape

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The old town of Weishan 巍山 at night.

Weishan Rapeseed Flower

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The flowering of rapeseed turns the fields of Weishan 巍山 a splendid yellow in late February and early March.

Murals in Haiyan's Guansheng Temple

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Haiyan is an old fishing village on Dianchi. In its long-abandoned Guangsheng Temple a few murals remain.

Kangpu Shouguo Temple

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A small, but significant Buddhist temple above the Mekong. One of the southernmost Tibetan temples in China. Pictures are from 2009.

Weishan Chongzheng Bookstore

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The Xianfeng Bookchain 先锋书店, an upmarket bookseller known for innovative architecture, has opened a store in the Ming dynasty Chongzheng Academy 崇正书院 in the centre of Weishan 巍山.

Old Bridges Across the Longjiang

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Several old bridges still span the Longjiang River in Tengchong county.

Yiluo Wenchang Temple

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Yunnan's best preserved Wenchang Temple.

Fengyi Blacksmith

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A blacksmith in Fengyi's Jiangxi village 凤仪江西村 still makes farmtools by hand. In the village once most households were blacksmiths, today only a handful remain.

Azhali Candle Dance 阿吒力密教的灯舞

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Followers of Jianchuan Azhali Buddhism perform a candle dance in Shaxi.

Bai Jiama

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Zhang Ruilong 张瑞龙, 7th generation generation Jiama master, demonstrates the art of making "Jiama" 甲马, woodcut prints used in rituals.

Zhangyu Wenchang Temple

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On the eastern side of Erhai, in Zhangyu village 长育, is one of the most beautiful Wenchang temples, with work by painter-sculptor Li Yunyi 李云义.

Jianchuan Cloth Charms

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The intricate cloth charms 布扎 made in Jianchuan are part of Yunnan's Intangible Cultural Heritage.