Dongjing Musician 洞经古乐乐师

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A member of the Dongjing Association performing in a ritual for the Dragon King.

Dali Leicui Garden 大理垒翠园

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Dali's new architecture showcase project, the Leicui Garden, is an imagined royal garden from the period of the Dali Kingdom (937-1253AD).

Binchuan Huadeng 宾川花灯

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Huadeng 花灯 "Flower Lantern" is a kind of local folk opera, combining folk song, dance and dialect, with the topic frequently modern life such as dating. Traditionally Huadeng is performed during Spring Festival, but now relatively rare. Huadeng has been recognized as intangible cultural heritage of Binchuan county. This is a performance of the county Huadeng Troupe, performing "Three Matchmakers" 三个媒人.

Dali Folk Play

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A traditional Chinese folk play performance by a professional troupe from Xiaguan.

Black Dragon Fair Folk Play 黑龙会戏曲表演

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On occasion of the Black Dragon Fair near Fengyu, villagers perform a traditional folk play.

Baofeng Benzhu Festival 宝丰接本主

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The festival in honour of Baofeng's patron saint, the Benzhu, is part of Dali's intangible cultural heritage.

Baofeng Confucius Worship 宝丰祭孔

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Yunlong uniquely has two Wenmiao 文庙, temples to Confucius, one in Nuodeng 诺邓 and one in Baofeng 宝丰, the old county seat. Here are the celebrations on occasion of Confucius' birthday in Baofeng.

Qingganping Chuichuiqiang 箐干坪吹吹腔

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Chuichuiqiang is an ancient form of folk opera, only preserved in Yunlong county, where it is performed during the New Year period. Here is the performance in 箐干坪 Qingganping village.

Black Dragon Fair 黑龙会

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The Black Dragon Fair 黑龙会 is a folk worship event in Zhuangshang village 庄上村 near Fengyu 风羽.

Haidong Dragon Boat Races 海东赛龙船

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In Dali, the Dragon Boat races unusually take place on the day of the Torch Festival, on the eastern side of Erhai.

Gusheng Fangsheng 古生放生

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The Buddhist ritual release of live animals has a great tradition in Gusheng village, even giving the village its name.

Yeyu Dongjing Ancient Music Association 叶愉洞经古乐协会

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Members of the Dongjing Ancient Music Association perform at the Benzhu Festival in Zhonghe village, on the slopes of Cangshan