Weishan Qing Architecture 巍山清代建筑

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Weishan town has the best preserved collection of Qing architecture in all of Yunnan province, including a recently restored complex including a Temple for the Yellow Emperor 玉皇阁.

Fengyu Benzhujie 风羽本主节

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Every year on the first day of the second lunar month, the statues of the Benzhu are brought into Fengyu to "inspect" the old town.

Erzige 耳子歌

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Erzige 耳子歌 is an ancient folk play that is still performed in some Bai village of Yunlong county.

Lisu Dragon Worship 傈僳族祭龙节

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The various Lisu groups in Xiangyun county receive government money to maintain their customs, resulting in an eclectic mix of activities, that are nevertheless good fun. In Lilame 立腊么 village in Xiangyun 祥云 on the second day of the second month Dragon Worship is conducted to pray for sufficient water.

Yunlong: Museum of Bridges 云龙:古桥博物馆

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So many old bridges still span Yunlong's Bi River and its tributaries that the county has been called a 'Museum of Bridges'

Nanjian Stone Cave Temple 南涧石洞寺

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石洞寺 is an old temple along the trade route between Dali and Puer.

Weishan Before Dawn 巍山凌晨

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Early morning shots in Weishan's center.

Weishan Pretty Girl 巍山美女

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Dressed in the garb of the Weishan Yi, a girl poses for some autumnal shots.

Yongping Golden Light Temple 永平金光寺

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Golden Light Temple 金光寺 sits on top of Baotaishan 宝台山 near the old Bonan caravan road 博南古道 in Yongping county.

Yi Caobing 彝族操兵

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Every year, on the 26th day of the 6th lunar month, the Yi in Fuchang 副长 village of northern Midu 弥渡 county conduct a ritual martial play called 操兵, meaning 'military drill', that commemorates soldiers going out to war in the Qing dynasty.

Awakening Ceremony 开光节

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In Dali's Sanwenbi village 三文笔 a new statue in honour of Wenchang 文昌 is brought to life by painting chicken blood onto the statue's eyes, ears, heart, lips and fingernails.

Sanwenbi Benzhu Festival

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Just a few old ladies of the Lotus Pond Society 莲池会 in Sanwenbi 三文笔 village attending the festival in honour of the local Benzhu 本主 is perhaps a sign of a slowly dying ancient religious culture.