Bibliography: 卜绍先 (Bu Shaoxian)

Researcher and translator mostly at Dali university, 1963-2016.



Manshu -- Records of the Man People


Accomplished English translation of the Manshu. 


Translation Studies of the Inscription on the Nanzhao Dehua Stele


Abstract: As the first-hand material for research into the Nanzhao state′s politics & military, society & history, and economy & culture, the inscription on the Nanzhao Dehua Stele is highly valuable; and as a literary work that features a close-knit fabric, mild and roundabout statements, parallelism of sentences, and elegance of language, it is a splendid stele-style essay. Today when we stress the need for our national culture to "walk out" on its own initiative and highlight "the cultural turn" of translation studies, there has arisen a disproportionate theoretic probe into the significance, translator′s identity and strategy in translating Chinese classics into English. The translation of the inscription on the Nanzhao Dehua Stele, however, embarks on actual practice and, guided all the way by "foreignization" approach, progresses from "translator′s invisibility" to "translator′s visibility." Herein, for the convenience of reference, is published the full text of the inscription in English version as follows.


A History of 4000 Years


The first comprehensive and well-written history of Dali available in English. The book is actually the text of a multi-part TV series commissioned in China.