Bibliography: 李成龙 (Li Chenglong)




Abstract: "Nanzhao Dehuabei tablet", which was built in the Tang dynasty(AD 766), is the the most important tablet legacy of the tang dynasty. The content of tablet includes abundant meanings, in particular, the history of Yunnan. Although the tablet was not been preserved perfectly, there are quite a lot researches with this tablet. This tablet mentioned 109 geographical terms. However, there is only few specialized study on the geographical terms of this tablet. In fact, the inscription of the Nanzhao Dehuabei tablet can be used as a tool for studying the early history of NanZhao. It can give confirmation to other records.This thesis collects and analyzes the records about geographical terms of was Nanzhao Dehuabei tablet, and gives definition to the types of these geographical terms and confirmations to the records in a few books.In the first part, the basic information about Nanzhao Dehuabei tablet is given. Then some analysis and classification to the geographical terms is completed. Following that each type of geographical term is discussed separately. The information read from Nanzhao Dehuabei tablet is next compared to the history events of Nanzhao kingdom. Finally, a comparison between the records of Nanzhao Dehuabei tablet and those of five books is shown. It is found that all the records are in consistent. In addition, the geographical changes in both the early and late Nanzhao period, and how these changes affect the politics,diplomacy, culture of that kindom.