Bibliography: 杨福泉 (Yang Fuquan)




Abstract: The formation of the sacred space in the human cosmology is the result of the long-term interaction between man and nature. As for ethnic minorities living in mountains, it is more often represented as sacred mountain worship. This article analyzes the connotation of the sacred space of Yulong Snow Mountain, including the unity of the Snow Mountain God and the National Protector, the ethnic relationship and the mirror image of historical events shown in the belief in the Snow Mountain God. Therefore, a very unique case has been provided for the study of the concept of human sacred space in the relationship between the sacred space of Yulong Snow Mountain and Naxi people’s view of human love, the view of "spiritual world in the mountain" that belongs only to people dying for love, the relationship between Yulong Snow Mountain and the foreign and native kingship, the sacred space belief form of Yulong Snow Mountain, and the close relationship between the emergence and change of sacred space belief and the social and cultural changes in specific periods.