Bibliography: 余碧茔 (Yu Biying)


《历代滇游  》中“他 ” 域下的云南印象


Abstract: Abstract Yunnan province is characteristic of comfortable climate and profound history various ethnic minorities and cultures.The colorful traditions and cultures of ethnic minorities are veiled in mystery. All of these are recorded in the form of poetry byfamous and erudite poets.The Anthology of Ancient Poetry on Yunnan is such a collection of excellent poems. The compiler Fang Shumei collected in this anthology the most brilliant poems by poets from the hinterland to Yunnan province. Thisanthology records their perception and impression on the colorful and amazing culture of Yunnan province. Although the trafficwas inconvenient the poets still enjoyed the rich resources and splendid scenery of Yunnan province. This is quite differentfrom the bad impression of“rainy and meandering roads”. The anthology preserves valuable information for understandingand study of ancient Yunnan geographical and social cultural landscape for the later generations.