Publications starting with E
Whalen Lai and Lewis R. Lancaster: Early Ch'an in China and Tibet
Hu Chuan-An: Early Chinese Empires and the People without History
John Lagerwey and Lü Pengzhi: Early Chinese Religion
Emma C. Bunker: Early Chinese Representations of Vimalakīrti
Michael Loewe: Early Chinese Texts
Sven Hedin: Early European Knowledge of Tibet
Cynthia Louise Chennault: Early Medieval Chinese Texts
Fei Hsiao-Tung and Chang Chih-I: Earthbound China
Oliver Coales: Eastern Tibet
Helen Rees: Echoes of History: Naxi Music in Modern China
Huan H.Y., Xu J.C. and Pei S. J.: Ecological Conservation Practices and the Cultural Adaptation of the Lahu and Hani in Jinping, Yunnan, China
Hwang Ting-hsien: Economic Conditions in Yunnan and Kweichow
Oliver Coales: Economic Notes on Eastern Tibet
Yiping Fang: Ecotourism in Western Sichuan, China: Replacing the Forestry-Based Economy
Edgar Snow: Edgar Snow's Journey South of the Clouds
Rong Xinjiang: Eighteen Lectures on Dunhuang
Hans Stübel: Ein Dorf der Ta-Hua Miao in Y\ünnan
Rafe de Crespigny: Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling
Patricia Buckley Ebrey: Emperor Huizong
W. R. Carles: Emperor Kang Hsi's Edict on Mountains and Rivers of China
Pamela Kyle Crossley, Helen F. Siu and Donald S. Sutton: Empire at the Margins
John E. Herman: Empire in the southwest: early Qing reforms to the native chieftain system
Robert E Buswell: Encyclopedia of Buddhism
Fabrizio Pregadio: Encyclopedia of Taoism
L. Anders: Engineer Reconnaissance in Forbidden North Burma
Christian Daniels: Environmental Degradation, Forest Protection and Ethno-History in Yunnan: The Uprising of the Swidden Agriculturalists in 1821
Liu Ts'ui-jung: Environmental History in East Asia
P. Z. King: Epidemic Prevention and Control in China
Asaf Goldschmidt: Epidemics and Medicine during the Northern Song Dynasty
John S. Major: Essential Huainanzi
Thomas S. Mullaney: Ethnic Classification Writ Large: The 1954 Yunnan Province Ethnic Classification Project and its Foundations in Republican-Era Taxonomic Thought
Fei Hsiao-Tung: Ethnic Identification in China
Shen Haimei : Ethnic Identity: Men's 'Etic' and Women's 'Emic'
Peng Wenbin: Ethnic Memory and Space
Marie Chan: Excursions in Chinese Culture
Sun Hongkai: Existence and Disappearance of the Anong Language
E. C. Chapman: Expansion of Rubber in Southern Yunnan, China
Elizabeth Kindall: Experiential Readings and the Grand View
Jim Goodman: Exploration of Yunnan
Francis Kingdon Ward: Explorations in South-Eastern Tibet
Francis Kingdon Ward: Explorations on the Burma-Tibet Frontier
Francis Kingdon Ward, Guy Dollman, Malcolm Smith, N. B. Kinnear and G. Blair: Explorations on the Burma-Tibet Frontier
A. R. Fritz Colquhoun: Exploration Through the South China Borderlands, from the Mouth of the Si-Kiang to the Banks of the Irawadi
R. Elliott Kendall: Eyes of the Earth: The Diary of Samuel Pollard