Approximate Determination of Positions in South-Western China

G. Colborne Baber
Journal of the Royal Geographic Society, 1879 vol. 49 pp. 421-433
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Baber writes: "With the exception of the points established by Captain Blakiston and Lieutenant Garnier, our knowledge of the geographical position of places in Western China rests entirely upon the authority of the Jesuit surveyors [. . . ] [T]heir map is for general purposes a most admirable work, and since it was never designed to serve as a route-map for tourists, or a chart for river-pilots, it would be ungracious to find fault with its deficiencies; especially when it is remembered that all existing maps of Eastern Asia are more or less modified reproductions of their survey." With geographic positions for many places in Yunnan this paper represents the pinnacle of map making at his time.