Hudspeth: Stone Gateway and the Flowery Miao


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Are you a missionary in need of some pat on the shoulder when not even the rice-Christians are showing up for service? Here comes our selection of uplifting stories from Yunnan missionaries. Just remember: the one's who never made a convert, never made it back or never made it full stop never wrote books.
Boyd: Chinese Rainbow: Remarkable Missionary Experiences in Yunnan
Clarke: Among the Tribes in South-West China
Hudspeth: Stone Gateway and the Flowery Miao
Pollard: Story of the Miao
Schrameier: On Martin Martini
Broomhall: Strong Man's Prey
Swain: Père Vial and the Gni-p'a: Orientalist Scholarship and the Christian Project
Pollard: Tight Corners in China