Bibliography Reading List: Bai Folk Stories

Collections of Bai Folk Stories

許烺光 (Hsu Francis):

Under the Ancestors' Shadow: Chinese Culture and Personality

Chinese Culture and Personality

Based on fieldwork in Xizhou from 1941 to 1943, Hsu analyses ancestor worship and clan structure in this Bai community (which he did not realize was not Han Chinese, the distinction was not clear then). It is an important historical work of Chinese anthropology.

李学勤 (Li Xueqin):

Classical Myths of China's 56 Ethnic Groups: Tujia and Bai Ethnic Groups

Tujia and Bai Ethnic Groups

A nicely illustrated volume of five Bai and Tujia myths, that is sadly lacking any contextual information.

杨周伟 (Yang Zhouwei):

朝圣魂归: 南诏大理国


A collection of essays about Nanzhao and Dali history with an emphasis on legends. The author Yang Zhouwei is relatively well known as an independent writer on Nanzhao and Dali history.