If you are a history buff, maybe these books are for you, but probably you have read them already.

卜绍先 (Bu Shaoxian):

Dali: A History of 4000 Years

A History of 4000 Years

The first comprehensive and well-written history of Dali available in English. The book is actually the text of a multi-part TV series commissioned in China.

方国瑜 (Fang Guoyu):


A collection of essays by Yunnan's most famous historian.

Charles Hucker:

A Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China

Comprehensive compilation of Chinese official titles together with an English translation. 

Jung Chang and Jon Halliday:

Mao: The Unknown Story

The Unknown Story

A lost opportunity if there has ever been one. With her 'Wild Swans' reputation Jung Chang had access to many in China who would have never talked otherwise. But her hatred for Mao seems to dictate just about every sentence and everything seems twisted to shed the worst possible light on the 'great helmsman'. Less bias could have made it a great study rather than scar-literature in disguise of a biography.

John Israel:

Lianda: A Chinese University in War and Revolution

A Chinese University in War and Revolution

Book cover for Lianda

Everyone knows about the Mao's Long March, but a few years later another long march took place: that of Chinese students leaving their cushy campuses on the east coast, trekking all the way to Yunnan where their universities reformed as Lianda, the united university. Kunming, then a total backwater, became a hotbed for new ideas, not just scientific. We liked the section of east coast girls scampering around Mengzi in their latest fashion.

刘长久 (Liu Changjiu):


Book Cover Image

Detailed description of religious art of the Nanzhao and Dali period, perhaps one of the best introduction of the few artefacts that have survived. 

Barbara Tuchman:

Stilwell and the American Experience in China

Tuchman's award-winning chronicle of the American involvement in China during the war cements Vinegar Joe's reputation as a war hero even though Stilwell found himself cut off deep in the Burmese jungle when it counted most.

Bin Yang:

Between Winds and Clouds: The Making of Yunnan (Second Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE)

The Making of Yunnan (Second Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE)

Book cover for Between Winds and Clouds

Investigation into Yunnan's ties with SE Asia and how it came to become the part of China that the province now is.

谭其骧 (Tan Qixiang):


Historical atlas of China.