The 杨升庵: 南诏野史 is one of the most important documents for the history of Nanzhao, but since many different editions exist, this document is in itself an object of study. 

木芹 (Mu Qin):


Critical revision of the 杨升庵: 南诏野史.

杨升庵 (Yang Shengan):


A Ming dynasty time history of Nanzhao, sometimes translated as the 'Unofficial History of Nanzhao', an important historic document about Nanzhao, but of course written by a Ming scholar, commonly believed to be Yang Shen 杨慎, but since the original has been lost to history, there is some discussion around this, see Yang Yanfu 1981

This compendium was written sometime during the reign of the Ming emperor Jiajing 嘉靖, most likely between 1531 and 1551 (see 杨延福: 谈《南诏野史》的几种本子与作者诸问题).

Several copies of this book can be found online:

David W. Pankenier:

The Cosmo-Political Background of Heaven's Mandate

Chinese Astrology explained

David W. Pankenier:

Applied Field-Allocation Astrology in Zhou China

: Duke Wen of Jin and the Battle of Chengpu (632 B. C.)


Camille Sainson:

Nan-tchao Ye-che

Histoire particulière du Nan-tchao

Historic translation of the 南诏野史 into French.