Sword Ladder 刀杆节

Friday, 7. March 2025 in Lunma, Huoqiao, Tengchong 腾冲市猴桥镇轮马村

Ever climbed up a swaying pole over thirty-six sharpened machete-blades on your bare feet? Well, if not you are not cut out to be a Lisu man. In Lunma village, every year the Hua Lisu men climb the sword pole on the occasion of the Daogan, or Sword Pole, festival. Yes, it hurts. No, no-one really get's injured. How come? Well, you have to be a Lisu man to do it.

Lisu New Year, celebrated on different days in various Lisu areas. Activities invariably include climbing the sword ladder and running through hot ashes.

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Festival held according to lunar calendar on 农历2月初8.