Guanyin Worship 观音会

in Guanyin Temples

Guanyin is one of the most revered Bodhisattvas in Yunnan and her (or sometimes his) statue can be found everywhere.

In China, Guanyin is not only revered as a Buddhist Bodhisattva, but is also a Daoist immortal, making Guanyin worship almost universal. The Nanzhao Empire in the Dali region made Buddhism and particularly Guanyin worship state religion and even today the Bai consider Guanyin their protector spirit. Before the Song dynasty Guanyin was considered a male god and in early Bai myths Guanyin often appears as an old monk from India.
Guanyin Enlightenment 观音得道日 Guanyin Temples Thu, 2. November
Guanyin Birthday 观音圣诞 Guanyin Temples Thu, 28. March
Hejiang Guanyin Festival 合江观音节 剑川县甸南合江村 Sun, 21. April
Guanyin Practice Day 观音修行日 Guanyin Temples Wed, 24. July