Ghost Month 鬼月

Sunday, 4. August 2024 until Sunday, 18. August 2024 in everywhere

The lunar seventh month is known as the Ghost Month, where the spirits come to visit the living.

At the beginning of the lunar seventh month, the gates of the underworld open and the spirits come to visit the living, on the full moon day the spirits return to the underworld.
Festival held according to lunar calendar on 农历7月初1.
Yinongwu 已弄吾庙会 剑川县东营村 Sun, 4. August
Ghost Month Ritual 中元会 大理 Mon, 5. August
Dicang Fair 地藏会 剑川县地藏寺 Tue, 6. August
Playing the Fragrant Dragon 耍香龙 大理龙龛 Wed, 14. August until Fri, 16. August
Burning Bag Festival 烧包节 Bai areas Sat, 17. August
Yulanpen Buddhist Ritual 盂兰盆法会 鸡足山 Sun, 18. August
Lanterns on the Lake 放海灯 大理龙龛 Sun, 18. August
Qingsuo Lantern Festival 青索村海灯会 大理上关青索 Sun, 18. August