Zhoucheng Torch Festival 周城火把节

Tuesday, 30. July 2024 in 大理周城

The Torch Festival in Zhoucheng is one of the biggest and most traditional in the Dali region.

The Torch Festival is the most significant festival shared between the Bai and Yi minorities. It is celebrated everywhere and often a great tourism magnet. The Bai hold their Torch Festival one day after the Yi. The general rule is that Yi areas celebrate on the 24th, Bai areas celebrate on the 25th of the 6th lunar month, but there are some exceptions. The Torch Festival is one of the biggest events in the whole Dali region, it is celebrated in pretty much every village and every household. Obviously, at the center of the festival is the ritual burning of a often giant torch, but the character of the festival varies from place to place.

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During the day, Zhoucheng usually puts on a cultural performance in addition to some traditional rites. The disadvantage of the Zhoucheng Torch Festival is the rather large number of outsiders who attend.
Festival held according to lunar calendar on 农历6月25.

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Torch Festival 火把节