Corpse Recovering Festival 捞尸会

Tuesday, 10. September 2024 in 大理

This event commemorates the death of Baijie.

Benzhu are local protector deities in the Dali area, their worship is a key element of Bai identity. In the Dali area, almost every Bai village has a Benzhu Temple, the home of a local protector spirit. These protector spirits are mostly historic figures, such as local heros, kings, generals or others who have through good deeds won the adulation of the local population. Each Benzhu usually has his own festival day, with activities varying greatly from place to place.

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Baijie 柏洁 was the wife of a local ruler who was killed by Piluoge, the founder of Nanzhao. She subsequently refused to marry Piluoge, instead drowned herself.
Festival held according to lunar calendar on 农历8月初8.