Rapeseed Flower

Thursday, 20. February 2025 until Friday, 21. March 2025 in Luoping

During the rapeseed flower Luoping's stunning karst scenery is at its best: and the tourism office lays on a few shows to attract even more tourists.

The dense cluster of karst around Luoping is stunning at any time of the year. But when the flower of the rapeseed turns the fields into a sea of yellow, thousands of photographers come for the view. And to provide a bit more entertainment, Luoping's tourism authorities lay on extra shows, many staged by the counties minorities, the Buyi and the Miao. However, in 2010, Luoping has been severely affected by drought: none of the rapeseed came to flower and the waterfalls have all dried up.
Festival held according to western/solar calendar on 20.2.