Muslim Festivals 伊斯兰教节日

in Muslim Areas

Chinese Muslims or Hui people 回族 can be found all over the Yunnan province. They often live in separate villages as cultural taboos have kept intermarriage with people of other religions relatively low.

The Muslim calendar is strictly a lunar calendar, which means that Muslim holidays circle through the seasons as every lunar year has less days than the solar year. In addition, the exact timing of Muslim holidays can depend on the actual visibility of the moon, so the dates for any given Muslim festival might vary by one day and are sometimes just decided early in the morning.
Start of Ramadan None Hui areas Mon, 11. March
Eid al-Fitr 开斋节 Hui areas Wed, 10. April
Corban 古尔邦节 Hui Areas Mon, 17. June
Maulid an-Nabi 圣纪节 Muslim Areas Mon, 16. September