"Southern Silk Road" Trade Fair

Saturday, 31. May 2025 until Friday, 6. June 2025 in Baoshan City

A trade fair combined with a beer festival (Lancangjiang Beer comes from Baoshan) with a bit of culture sprinkled in. In 2013 the festival starts on 11. June, the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival.

http://en.ynta.gov.cn/Item/3458.aspx says: 'The festival is fully named the "’South Silk Road’ Trade Fair, Lancangjiang Beer Carnival and Duanyang (Dragon Boat Festival) Flower Fair". A wide range of programmes will be organised, some of which are flower fair, trade fair, TCM herbals exhibition, handicraft exhibition, stone (jewelry) exhibition, Lancangjiang Beer Culture Exhibition, and popular cultural activities etc.' 2015: http://www.longyang.gov.cn/zwyw/zwyw/7150332103071568686
Festival held according to lunar calendar on 农历5月初5.