Weishan Temple Fair 庙会

Thursday, 6. February 2025 in Daxiao Temple, Weishan County

At the foot of Weibaoshan, the temple mountain overlooking Weishan, is Daxiaosi 大小寺, the 'big and small' temple. On the 9th day of the lunar year, the Han celebrate its temple fair.

On the day of the temple fair, from mid-morning on, Weishan's citizens board the shuttle busses for the short journey up the to the temple. Outside, stallholders have already set up their business: small snack stalls, toy-shops, little gambling sites. Inside, some nuns and monks are chanting, while somewhere Weishan's Ancient Music Orchestra, its answer to Lijiang's Naxi orchestra, are busy playing. One by one, people will bring their offerings to the temple and pray for another prosperous year.
Festival held according to lunar calendar on 农历1月初9.