Yangbi Children's Festival 娃娃节

Monday, 31. March 2025 in 漾濞县双涧

A children's festival in the Nuosuo Yi group in Yangbi county.

It is unlikely that this is still celebrated, even though it is officially part of Yangbi's Intangible Cultural Heritage. This is what was once recorded on the internet (www.daimengke.com/yunnan/yunnan-huodong/14243.html): 境内诺苏泼支系彝族独有的节日。这天以村寨为单位,各家都把孩童集中到一家里,并凑米和肉,为孩童们“打拼伙”。饭后到各位老人前问安,然后领着孩童们踏青春游。
Festival held according to lunar calendar on 农历3月初3.

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