Migan Festival 三月会 米干节

Sunday, 13. April 2025 until Sunday, 20. April 2025 in 元江县因远镇 Yinyuan, Yuanjiang County

Far from their Dali homeland, the Bai of Yinyuan have preserved a distinctive costume and a particular dish: Migan, flat rice noodles, eaten like Mixian. In April, they celebrate the Migan Festival.

The festival is most likely been held on a weekend day close to the date given here with activities going on in both Yinyuan and Anding, a nearby Bai village which is actually more interesting than Yinyuan (all modern township). According to http://www.dongnanyanet.com/Html/?711.html the festival is held in different villages over the period of a week: 浦十七日、安定十八日、因远二十一日, but this does not seem true. In 2011, the festival started around 10am in the morning and stretched into the afternoon with some dances scheduled for the evening.
Festival held according to lunar calendar on 农历3月16.