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Jiyi and Jiyi Cliffs 己衣大裂谷

A spectacularly narrow canyon high above the Jinsha River.
Picture: The limestone cliffs near Jiyi.
Jiyi Cliffs: The limestone cliffs near Jiyi.

In the northeastern corner of Wuding County lies Jiyi, the small administrative center for the area bordering Sichuan and Luquan county. The population here is mostly Han, but has also Miao and Yi as well as some Dai. Jiyi, some 120km by road from Wuding, lies at about 2000m, some 800m above the Jinsha River, on a slope that is partly terraced. Rice and tobacco are grown here.

The main reason to come to Jiyi are the cliffs, a 300m deep incision into the sandstone carved by a small stream. At one point, the top layers have not fully collapsed leaving a natural bridge across the gorge. The gorge is only a 20 min walk away from the end of the township, where a modern stone walkway leads down to the crossing and up on the other side again.

The Jinsha River is accessible via a 20km winding road down to Xinmin, a village on an alluvial fan, where there is a ferry crossing over to the Sichuan side. A bit upstream from Xinmin is a hotspring.

Travel Notes

Hotel situation not as dire as one would expect for such a small place, which places some hopes in tourism development.

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