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Shuanglang Old Town 双廊古镇

Once a tranquil Bai fishing town, Shuanglang nowadays capitalizes on its splendid position on the eastern shore of Erhai.
Shuanglang Stage:

Hardly a place has seen such a transformation in the last few years as Shuanglang. Once a sleeping fishing town on the eastern shore of Erhai, Shuanglang has become both an upmarket destination for the Landcruiser crowd as well as a bohemian destination for Chinese backpackers and cyclists.

Travel Notes

There are now more than a hundred hotels in Shuanglang, many of them rather upmarket places with good views over the lake. Regular transport to Dali by public bus but also by many private minibusses. No regular transport south to Wase. Private transport available to Lijiang.

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