Yunnan · Wenshan
Funing County 富宁县

Ethnically mixed border region to Guizhou, Guangxi and Vietnam.

Funing is Yunnan's gateway to Guangxi and southeastern China. While the north of the county is sparsely populated with Zhuang, the southern border to Vietnam is home to a large variety of smaller ethnic groups from the Yi, Yao and Miao.

Tianpeng Town

Even the Han dress up in this town right on the border to Vietnam.


Travel Notes

With the new highway completed the journey from Kunming to Funing takes only a few hours.


Tiaogong Festival 08 May 2022

Bai Yi New Year 04 Jul 2022

Bai Yi New Year 10 Jul 2022

Bai Yi New Year 13 Jul 2022