Jianchuan Bai Folk Toys

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Diannan 滇南 has a long tradition of making children's toys. They have been recognized as part of Yunnan's Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Shibaoshan Singing Festival 2020

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With the official programme curtailed, it is the unorganized folk part of the annual Singing Festival in Shibaoshan that continues to thrive.

Gusheng Benzhu Worship

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Every year on the 23rd day of the 7th month, Gusheng village honours the Benzhu and the Dragon King 龙王.

Weishan Cloth Art

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Little charm animals, called 三羊开泰, are for sale in an embroidery shop in Weishan's historic centre.

Mijing Folk Play

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Comical folk plays in the countryside, such as here in Jianchuan's Mijing village, often focus on agricultural themes, such as the stubborn draft animal.

Midu Huadeng Paper Figures

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The elaborate paper figures made for the Lantern Festival in Mizhi 密祉 are part of Yunnan's Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Erhai Fishing Boat Graveyard

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Since fishing has been banned on Erhai, fishing boats are rusting away on its shore.

Ghost Month Ritual

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The Dongjing Association 洞经会 in a village near Dali performs a day of ritual for the souls of the deceased during the Chinese 'Ghost Month'.

Torch Festival Flag Pole

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The flag poles stuck into the top of the torch at the Bai torch festival signify blessings for the future and can be real works of art.

Pingchuan Suona

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The suona melodies in the region of Binchuan's Pingchuan town are part of Dali's intangible cultural heritage and are performed on festival days in the Pingchuan Guanyin Temple 平川观音寺.

Yang Family Ancestral Hall

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This ancestral hall in a remote village near Binchuan's Pingchuan 宾川平川 is one of Yunnan's best preserved clan houses, built by the republican era general Yang Ruxuan 杨如轩.

Joy of the Bai Temple Fair

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For the Bai people temple fairs are not solemn but joyous affairs.