Ghost Month Ritual

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The Dongjing Association 洞经会 in a village near Dali performs a day of ritual for the souls of the deceased during the Chinese 'Ghost Month'.

Torch Festival Flag Pole

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The flag poles stuck into the top of the torch at the Bai torch festival signify blessings for the future and can be real works of art.

Pingchuan Suona

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The suona melodies in the region of Binchuan's Pingchuan town are part of Dali's intangible cultural heritage and are performed on festival days in the Pingchuan Guanyin Temple 平川观音寺.

Yang Family Ancestral Hall

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This ancestral hall in a remote village near Binchuan's Pingchuan 宾川平川 is one of Yunnan's best preserved clan houses, built by the republican era general Yang Ruxuan 杨如轩.

Joy of the Bai Temple Fair

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For the Bai people temple fairs are not solemn but joyous affairs.

The Lotus Pond Society of Xiawanqiao

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The "Lotus Pond Societies" 莲池会 are the associations of older women in charge of the rituals in Dali's temples.

Cangshan Clouds

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The summer rainy season brings clouds to Dali's Cangshan.

Bai Tie-Dye Master Dyer

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Bai Tie-Dye is part of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage, still carried out in simple workshops using traditional techniques.

Xizhou Fazi Temple

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Fazi Temple is an abandoned clan memorial temple on a cemetery hill west of Xizhou.

Raosanling in Times of Corona

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The Corona epidemic led to the cancellation of all major festivals, but some cannot be deterred to celebrate Raosanling 绕三灵.

Bamu Temple

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Run by an irate couple, this temple on the shore of Erhai is one of Dali's strangest temples.

Azaleas of Horse Ear Mountain

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Early May the Azaleas on Maershan 马耳山 north of Erhai are in flower.