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Baoshan Prefecture 保山市

Longling "Comfort Station"

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During the war, Japan forced many women into prostitution at so-called "Comfort Stations" 慰安所. In Longling 龙陵 the building, once the home of a wealthy family, has survived and is now a museum and memorial.


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The Nujiang halted the 1942 Japanese advance from Burma further into China and after allied troops crossed the river again in 1944 Songshan became the site of fierce battles until the Chinese Expeditionary Force finally blew up the Japanese fortifications on the mountain top in August 1944.

Faces of the Mangkuan Torch Festival

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Far from being just a celebration of the Yi people, in Mangkuan the Torch Festival is enjoyed by everyone.

Cock Fight

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Cock fighting is a popular pastime in the countryside, particularly with the Dai.

Mangkuan Scenery

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Where the Nujiang first opens to a broader valley lies Mangkuan, home to one of the northernmost Dai populations, with Lisu, Yi and Miao living in the mountains to either side.

Double Rainbow Bridge

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Horse caravans still cross the Nujiang on one of the oldest chain bridges in Yunnan.

Sword Pole Festival

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Ever climbed up a swaying pole over thirty-six sharpened machete-blades on your bare feet? Well, if not you are not cut out to be a Lisu man. In Lunma village, every year the Hua Lisu men climb the sword pole on the occasion of the Daogan, or Sword Pole, festival. Yes, it hurts. No, no-one really get's injured. How come? Well, you have to be a Lisu man to do it.

The Tropical Gardens of Lujiangba

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Where once the carvans crossed the perillious Nujiang valley on their way from China to Burma and beyond are the tropical gardens of Lujiangba, a major fruit and coffee growing area of Yunnan inhabited by Dai, Lisu, Miao, Yi and Han Chinese.