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Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture 楚雄彝族自治州

On the Road to Dali

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Lianxiangguan 炼象关 is a historic village on the old trading route from Kunming to Dali.

Wuding Yi

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The mountains of Chuxiong's Wuding County, just two hours' north of Kunming, are home of some colourful Yi groups.

Backstage Gaoqiao

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It is not Glastonbury, but the excitement is real when Gaoqiao's kids get ready for their big day at the annual Flower Mountain Festival.

Zhizuo Costume Festival

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On the 15th day of the new lunar year, the Yi of Zhizuo village, in the mountains of Yongren county, hold the Costume Competition Festival 赛装节, a splendid display of their traditionally embroidered dress.

Heijing Old Town

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The old salt town of Heijing not far from Chuxiong is one of Yunnan's best preserved old towns.