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Xizhou Town 喜州镇

Torch Festival Flag Pole

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The flag poles stuck into the top of the torch at the Bai torch festival signify blessings for the future and can be real works of art.

Bai Sculpture

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Clay sculpture is part of Dali's intangible cultural heritage, here are the temple sculptures of Xizhou's 'Central Emperor Hall' 中央皇帝祠, a Benzhu temple.

Making Rushan

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Rushan is a Bai cheese traditionally served only at special occasions. It is made by heating cow's milk with sour milk, stirring it with large chopsticks until it curdles into the consistency of mozzarella, before being stretched across bamboo frames to dry for a day. It is eaten usually grilled or fried, but is also an ingredient in the Bai Three Course Tea 三道茶.

Xizhou Town

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History has left its marks on this hometown of many wealthy Bai merchants.