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Eryuan County 洱源县

Azaleas of Horse Ear Mountain

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Early May the Azaleas on Maershan 马耳山 north of Erhai are in flower.

Xihu Reflections

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West Lake 西湖 is beautiful wetland area north of Dali, good for birdwatching.

Black Dragon Fair Folk Play

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On occasion of the Black Dragon Fair near Fengyu, villagers perform a traditional folk play.

Black Dragon Fair

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The Black Dragon Fair 黑龙会 is a folk worship event in Zhuangshang village 庄上村 near Fengyu 风羽.

Fengyu Benzhujie

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Every year on the first day of the second lunar month, the statues of the Benzhu are brought into Fengyu to "inspect" the old town.

Fengyu Torch Festival

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The Torch Festival in Eryuan's Fengyu region is a small neighbourhood affair.

Fengyu Bai Wedding Customs

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Bai weddings in Eryuan's Fengyu still follow a strict traditional ritual rich with meaning.

Xueli Benzhu Festival

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Receiving the Benzhu on the second day of the New Year in a Xueli 雪梨 village near Fengyu, Eryuan County 洱源县凤羽镇.

Fengxiang Paper Charms

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For New Year, Bai paper charms, called 甲马, are commonly pasted over doorways and shrines in Fengxiang (Fengyu, Eryuan)

Qingyuan Cave Temple Fair

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Once a year, on lunar June 13th, the Bai gather at the spring that feeds Fengyu 凤羽 valley.

Lanterns on Cibi Lake

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A week after Ghost Festival boats set out at dusk on Cibi Lake to make offerings to the Dragon King.

Xihu Harvest Season

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Xihu 西湖, a 坝子 in the south of Eryuan county, with its seasonally fluctuating lake is one of the last remnants of mixed aquatic and dry agriculture which must have been quite common in Yunnan before Ming and Qing dynasty settlers drained most valleys.