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Nanjian Yi Autonomous County 南涧彝族自治县

Nanjian Stone Cave Temple

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石洞寺 is an old temple along the trade route between Dali and Puer.

Nanjian Cherry Flower Valley

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Early in December the cherry trees flower in a tea plantation in southern Nanjian county.

Gaiwasa Yabajie

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One of the mysterious Yi ceremonies that have only recently received some attention: masked men creating mischief at night in the village of Gaiwasa 盖瓦洒 in Nanjian county.

Nanjian Temple Carvings

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Nanjian's temple, on a hillside on the eastern side of the town, has on its doors some of the nicest carvings you can find in Yunnan province. While the temple was badly damaged during the Cultural Revolution the carvings seem to have survived the tide of times.