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Weishan Yi and Hui Autonomous County 巍山彝族巍山彝族

Weishan Cloth Art

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Little charm animals, called 三羊开泰, are for sale in an embroidery shop in Weishan's historic centre.

Yi Ancestor Worship

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An Yi ancestor worship ritual performed at Weibaoshan.

Thunder Gods

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Tianmoya 天摩牙 is a vast temple complex on the western side of the Weishan basin that combines elements of Daoism, Buddhism and Ancient Religion. The Leishen 雷神 shown here are magic spirits of the Daoist world.

Weishan Qing Architecture

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Weishan town has the best preserved collection of Qing architecture in all of Yunnan province, including a recently restored complex including a Temple for the Yellow Emperor 玉皇阁.

Weishan Before Dawn

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Early morning shots in Weishan's center.

Weishan Pretty Girl

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Dressed in the garb of the Weishan Yi, a girl poses for some autumnal shots.

The Ancestral Altars of the Abandoned Village

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In the abandoned Ming dynasty village of Like 利客 in Weishan 巍山 the ancestral altars of the 郑氏 Zheng clan remain.

Ancestor Worship of the Bi Family

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The Yi of the Eastern Mountains in Weishan County retain Daoist rituals dating back generations.

Xiaojizushan Pilgrimage

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Annually, on 正月十四,the Yi of Weishan make the pilgrimage up to Small Chicken Foot Mountain.

Wuyin Pilgrimage

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The old temple complex on 五印山 is the destination of the annual pilgrimage up the mountain for the 朝山节 of the Yi in Weishan county. This year they were collecting donations to build a new temple.

Laoheipeng Dagehui

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Laoheipeng is a small Yi village in western Weishan, right on the border to Changning county. The annual temple fair is not only an opportunity to get the Lusheng out, but also for some strange Taoist rituals.

Donglianhua Muslim Village

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Donglianhua 东莲花 is a delightfully well-preserved Muslim village in the Weishan valley, only about a kilometer from Yongjian. Many Muslims made their money in the caravan-trade and often carry the surname Ma. The village, built around one of the largest mosques in Yunnan, has many impressive court-yard houses, decorated with images and mementos from far-away lands.