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Xiangyun County 祥云县

Lisu Dragon Worship

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The various Lisu groups in Xiangyun county receive government money to maintain their customs, resulting in an eclectic mix of activities, that are nevertheless good fun. In Lilame 立腊么 village in Xiangyun 祥云 on the second day of the second month Dragon Worship is conducted to pray for sufficient water.

Art of Yabajie

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The Mute God or Yaba 哑巴 ceremonies in Xiangyun county have evolved into an elaborate Gesamtkunstwerk with dance, body ornamentation, sculpture and painting involving the entire Yi village. Compared to a few years ago, the imagery has taken on a much more sexualized character, maybe reflecting a need to create ever more outlandish 'traditional' festivals.

Yaba Festival

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The Yaba Festival 哑巴节, which has been declared part of China's intangible heritage, is slowly developing into a carnival.