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Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture 德宏傣族景颇族自治州

Ruili Baobo Carnival

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A cross-border China-Myanmar carnival to tie in with the holiday season with a dressed-up ox-cart (plus girl) procession as its highlight.

Jingpo Munao Zongge

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"Let's get together and dance": this is not only the translation of the name of the main Jingpo festival in Yunnan's southwestern Dehong region, it is also the programme. From near and far, Jingpo come together in one of the many festival grounds in the major towns and townships for a few days of dance and merry making. The dance, in two winding columns around four poles symbolizing the mountains and rivers, is said to represent the Jingpo wanderings in search of a good home.

Husa Valley

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Is this Yunnan's most beautiful valley? High up from the steamy lowlands of Dehong, nestled between two mountain ranges lies Husa Valley, home of the Achang. The Achang, one of Yunnan's smallest ethnic groups, are believers in Buddhism as the many temples dotted around the valley testify. Exploring the villages you are bound to be invited into their home, for the Achang are proud to show off their customs and must rank as some of the most hospitable people around.