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Weixi Lisu Autonomous County 维西傈僳族自治县

Yunnan Snubnosed Monkeys

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This endangered species inhabits the high forests of North-West Yunnan. North of Tacheng 塔城 in Weixi County 维西县 a protected area has been established where a small group used to humans can be quite easily seen.

Dharma Master Cave

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A beautiful pilgrimage path leads up to the Dharma Master Cave 达摩祖师洞 high in the mountains of Weixi county.

Lisu Achimugua Portraits

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Lisu dress up for the Achimugua 阿尺木刮 or Goat Dance festival in Yezhi, Weixi County 维西县叶枝镇.

At a Lisu Home

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Tongle Village 同乐村 is a Lisu village near Yezhi Township in Weixi County 维西县叶枝镇, entirely built from wood and protected from development. Inside life is like is has been for ages, if one ignores the poster of Xi Jinping on the wall.

Lisu Costumes

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In Yunnan, the Lisu do not just live along the Nujiang, but also in sizeable groups in Dehong and Tengchong as well as in Weixi. Here we present a collection of the Lisu's finest costumes - shot at a Lisu cultural festival in Weixi, attended not only by Yunnan Lisu, but also groups from Sichuan and Myanmar.