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Xianggelila County 香格里拉县

Pudacuo National Park

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Shangri-La's premier attraction, Pudacuo National Park, is a riot of colours in autumn. Just do not expect any solitude.

River of Golden Sand Rainy Season

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Panorama along the 金沙江 between Tuoding 拖顶 and Jinjiang 金江 during the rainy season.

Dengba Festival

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Tibetan midsummer festival celebrated around the full moon day of the seventh lunar month.

Butchers of Shangri-La

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The central meat market in Zhongdian.

Matsutake Market

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Late July is the season for the tasty Matsutake or 松茸. To this market on the outskirts of Zhongdian locals come to sell their pickings to the highest bidders, every mushroom assessed individually, the best morsels fetching more than 20Y.

At the Races in Zhongdian

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Every year, on the fifth of the fifth lunar month, when the rest of China celebrates Duanwujie or Dragon Boat Festival, are the horse races in Zhondian.

Faces of Zhongdian

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Backstage at the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony of the Horse Races in Zhongdian, sorry Shangri-La.

Diqing Autumn Impressions

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In October Diqing, the Tibetan Autonomous Region in Yunnan's northwest, bursts out in a sea of colour with deep blue skies above. It is the best season for hiking here with almost always sunny weather that helps to lift the temperatures up into the twenties from nights that can already get quite chilly.