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Lijiang Prefecture 丽江市

Jinsha Ferry

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A ferry with spectacular views operates on the Jinsha River near Baoshan Stone Town.

Wumu Naxi Village

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East of Jade Dragon Mountain 玉龙雪山 high above the Golden Sands River 金沙江 lies Wumu Village 吾木村, a traditional Naxi village.

Red Cliffs of Liming

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The Danxia, or red sandstone, landforms around Liming, a charming Lisu township north of Laojunshan, are a hikers' and climbers' paradise that is just being discovered.

Masked Dances at Zhamei Temple

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In honour of Tsongkhapa, the monk whose teachings are the foundation of the Gelugpa School of Buddhism, masked dances are performed in front of Zhamei Temple in Yongning at the beginning of winter.

Mosuo Zhuanshan Festival

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Every year on the 25th day of the seventh lunar month the Mosuo who live around beautiful Lugu Lake bring their offerings to the mountain goddess.