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Puer Prefecture 普洱市

Menglian Holy Fish Festival

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Another one of those crazy festivals in the mysterious province of Yunnan. Just before Dai New Year the people of Menglian celebrate the Holy Fish Festival, a part religious event with the illumination of Menglian's Golden Pagoda, part entertainment with a mass fishing event in the Nanlei River. And if you then do not have enough, the festival is immediately followed by the Watersplashing Festival.

Mangxin Bainian

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To see the old year out, for three days before their New Year, the Dai of Mangxin, a small township near Menglian, pay their respects to the old year by travelling to three temples in the vicinity. At each temple they celebrate with dance, food, offerings and just a little bit of watersplashing.

Dai Watersplashing Festival in Yongping

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The Dai Watersplashing Festival in Yongping is one of the most traditional in Yunnan. Not much throwing water, but lots of worship at the temples.


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Menglian, on the border to Burma, has one of Yunnan's most interesting ethnic mixes. This slideshow shows some details of the Akha, Lahu and Dai in the county.