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Qujing Prefecture 曲靖市

Wumeng Market

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Winter in the Wumeng Mountains is a grim and miserable affair, acerbating the grinding poverty. Travelling here sets one back a decade or more as little of China's recent progress has arrived here. It is a living museum of mankind - would you want to live in it?

Huize Wetlands

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The wetlands of the Daqiao Reservoir north of Huize are one of the few wintering grounds for the extremely rare black-necked cranes. At 2500m above sea-level, the weather is often cold and grim, but the stark scenery makes up for any hardship endured.

Shengjingguan: Gateway to Guizhou

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Shengjingguan 胜境关 is the old border crossing from Yunnan to Guizhou near Fuyuan. The archway with the four stone lions described by many early explorers still stands, as does the (now renovated) stone gate. From here a narrow path leads down into a peaceful valley, presenting the modern-day traveller with views that have changed little since the caravan days.

Luoping Rapeseed Flower

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Early spring paints the fields of Luoping a golden yellow.