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Yuxi Prefecture 玉溪市

Tonghai Xiushan

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Tonghai's Xiushan is one of Yunnan's oldest Taoist temple mountains, a retreat once very far from the realms of Han civilization. Today, Xiushan remains a beautiful collection of temples facing the Tonghai plain and lake.


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Revived in 1990, Chengjiang's 立夏节 now marks the official start of the summer season on Fuxian Lake and is celebrated with a large market.

Yimen Play Meeting

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The second day of the second lunar month is the day the dragon raises it head 龙抬头 or the dragon spring festival 春龙节, so it is appropriate that Yimen's Dragon Well Temple 龙泉寺 holds its annual temple fair on this day. Over time this had evolved into an event dominated by local plays, but sadly the drama now plays second fiddle to shopping and eating.

Eshan Kaixinjie

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In Eshan 峨山 county, just a short drive south of Yuxi, the Yi mark Spring Festival celebrating the Kaixinjie 开新街, literally the Opening of the New Market. Held consecutively at various market towns, the huge street festival offers the best dragon dances one can find in the province.

Xingmeng Nadam Festival

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After more than 750 years in Yunnan, the Mongolian community in Xingmeng, Tonghai County, still retains its ethnic identity. Every three years, in December to commemorate their official recognition as Mongolians in Yunnan, they celebrate the Nadam Festival and honour Kublai Khan as their ancestor.

Yinyuan Migan Festival

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Far from their Dali homeland, the Bai of Yinyuan have preserved a distinctive costume and a particular dish: Migan, flat rice noodles, eaten like Mixian. In April, they celebrate the Migan Festival.

Yangzong Incense Festival

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A traditional Han festival in a small town just outside Kunming: the Yangzong temple fair starts off with a colourful procession through town carrying 'the world's largest' incense sticks up to the Longquan Temple on the day before Lantern Festival.

Dai Flower Street

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The Huayao Dai of the Red River valley celebrate their Flower Festival early in spring.