The popular Dali regions has a good number of Bai markets.

The marker flags indicate the date of the next market day. Click on the marker to open a pop-up which will give you some information about the market and a detail map.

Next Markets in Dali

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Longjie龙街Nothing known.
Shunbi順濞Nothing known, but it is an ugly location next to the Baoshan ...
Dacang大仓镇Large town market, spread over many streets. It attracts a large number ...
Kaifaqu开发区Agricultural market of little interest as the town is mostly immigrants.
Weishan巍山彝族回族自治县Large county town market with Yi and Muslims sprinkled in.
Longjie龙街Nothing known, but an Yi area.
Wase挖色A nice Bai market on the eastern shore of Erhai. While the ...
Shaba沙坝Nothing known, but it will be a typical Bai/Han market.
Dianzhong甸中Interesting rural market with cattle trading going on. Yi and Muslims are ...
Fengyi凤仪Now part of giant Xiaguan East, Fengyi nevertheless retains some charm.
Zhongying种英This is a Yi and Lisu town, but nothing is known about ...
Zhouguanying周官营Nothing known, unlikely to be of interest.
Shanglan上兰Bai market with a few Yi.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Daying大营Nothing known, but the area is all Han.
Junhua均化Nothing known. Same market day in 石洞. Source:
Duomei朵美Small market in declining township by the Jinsha River.
Yangcen羊岑Bai market with a few Yi.
Liming黎明No costume worn, but the area is pretty.
Haidong海东Bai market on the other side of Erhai, just north of Xiaguan.
Niujie牛街Bai market on the main road to Jianchuan.
Sanchahe三岔河乡Han market of no particular interest.
Maidi脉地Probably uninteresting.
Heqing鹤庆县City market.
Qiaohou乔后Bai market in this old salt mining town that has an old ...
Liuhe六合Special Yi group. Date for market is not certain.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Baidangping白荡坪Nothing known, small place.
Hecun萂村Nothing known.
Shaxi沙溪Large Bai and Yi market. The setting is unfortunately in a new ...
Yangbi漾濞彝族自治县County town market of no particular interest along four streets in the ...
Dali大理Market is held to the west of Cangshan gate, in the road ...
Yousuo右所镇A large Bai farmers market held partly along the main street, partly ...
Shuixie水泄Nothing known.
Gudi古底Smaller market, nothing known, but it should have some Yi, as it ...
Huangping黄平镇Most likely all Han. Source
Caicun才村Very small local supply market in this lake-side fishing village. The market ...
Zhongjiang中江Bai and Yi market in this prosperous township by the river. View ...
Pingchuan平川Large market.
Wuxing五星A Bai village.
Shunzhou顺州Most Han market, but a few Yi, in this highland town.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Zhoucheng州城Han market in this historic town.
Qinghua清华Yi market with a few Yi dressing up with black turbans and ...
Shigu石鼓镇Lively market.
Diannan甸南Grubby market but the wood-carvers are worthwhile visiting while there.
Yongping永平县County town market, nothing known.
Jiuhe九河Good market where many of the old Bai women still wear their ...
Paiying排营Small town market, most likely all Han.
Huangping黄平镇Most likely all Han. Source
Lijiao力角Nothing known, but the area is all Han.
Songgui松桂Bai township market, quite busy.
Niujie牛街Yi market of the Western Hill style Yi, but normally no-one dresses ...
Banqiao板桥Small township at the end of the road, market with a few ...
Xintun辛屯Bai market north of Heqing.
Yongsheng永胜县County town market with some Yi.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Jianchuan剑川县County town market
Pingpo平坡Small market with maybe some Yi.
Eryuan洱源县While there is a daily market in the old part of town, ...
Hongyan红岩Small market with local villagers.
Changxin长新The old bridges nearby justify a trip here, but the market is ...
Shuanglang双廊镇Small market in pretty town on eastern side of the lake that ...
Lawu拉乌Small administrative center for this Yi region, nothing known about market.
Liantie炼铁Bai market with a few Yi sprinkled in.
Binchuan宾川县Han county-town market.
Wanqiao湾桥Bai market north of Dali.
Beitou北头Nothing known, but it is an Yi Xiang.
Sanying三营Bai market off the main road from Xiaguan to Jianchuan.
Tongdian通甸Some Yi and there should be some Pumi, but they do not ...

Monday, 25 March 2019

Shaping沙平村A small Bai market on the northern end of Erhai. The market ...
Waxi瓦溪Nothing known, almost certainly of no interest, roadside Han village.
Baishi白石Judging from markets nearby, probably of little interest.
Tuanjie团结Nothing known.
Jizushan鸡足山Market at the small town at the bottom of the holy mountain.
Misha弥沙Very small township, most likely Bai and maybe some Yi.
Judian巨甸镇Farmers market, with technically some minorities, but apart from a few black ...
Yongjian永连One of Yunnan's largest Muslim markets with many interesting old mosques nearby.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Shangjiang上江Despite its technical remoteness, no-one dresses up here and people appear mostly ...
Liandong炼洞Small roadside market, unlikely of interest.
Madeng马镫Bai and Yi market.
Binju宾居Han market at northern end of town.
Fengyu风羽Large Bai market in a nice open setting. There is some old ...
Yinqiao银桥Bai market north of Dali.
Fuheng富恒Nothing known.