Receiving Jingu 接金姑

Tuesday, 19. March 2024 until Tuesday, 26. March 2024 in 巍山和大理

Receiving Jingu is a annual pilgrimage from Weishan's Tianmoya Temple to Dali's Qingdong Shenbu Temple 神部.

According to legend, Jingu 金姑 was the third daughter of a local ruler in Dali who became the wife of Xinuluo 细奴逻, the founder of the Nanzhao empire. The story goes that she was a rebellious girl who after a fight with her father was kicked out of their household in the northern end of the Dali plain. She wandered around and met Xinuluo, a rough villager from modern Weishan county. They fell in love and married. Her father missed her and after a few years he asked her to come back and sends a delegation to bring her home. Her walk back from their village Longyutushan 龙于图山 back is remembered in this pilgrimage.
Festival held according to lunar calendar on 农历2月初10.
Receiving Jingu 接金姑 庆洞村神部 Mon, 18. March
Receiving Jingu 接金姑 巍山天磨牙寺 Tue, 19. March until Wed, 20. March
Receiving Jingu 接金姑 巍山天磨牙寺 Thu, 21. March
Receiving Jingu 接金姑 巍山天磨牙寺 Fri, 22. March
Receiving Jingu 接金姑 下关福星村 Sat, 23. March
Receiving Jingu 接金姑 大理城隍庙 Sun, 24. March
Receiving Jingu 接金姑 湾桥 Mon, 25. March
Receiving Jingu 接金姑 庆洞村神部 Tue, 26. March
Atai Birthday 阿太诞辰 大理喜洲神部 Sun, 8. December

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Receiving Jingu 接金姑19 March 2024
Receiving Jingu 接金姑21 March 2024
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