Tibetan Festivals 藏族的节日

in Tibetan Areas

Tibetans in Yunnan have their own festivals, held according to the Tibetan Calendar.

The Tibetan Calendar is extremely complex, with many missing and duplicated months and days. The calculations here follow the paper by Swante Janson https://www.yunnanexplorer.com/bibliography/publication/jansonswante/ Be careful and check the exact dates of the festivals before setting out.

Litang Horse Racing 理塘赛马会 Litang, Sichuan Sun, 1. August until Tue, 10. August
Gedong 格冬节 Tibetan Temples Fri, 28. January until Tue, 1. February
Losar Tibetan New Year 藏族新年 Tibetan Areas Thu, 3. March

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