Yunnan · Dali
Jianchuan County 剑川县

With Shibaoshan Jianchuan hosts the most historically interesting temple complex in Yunnan and just south of it lies Shaxi, the best preserved traditional trading post.
Picture: A small temple near Jianhu, used for certain Azhali rituals.
Deities inside Jijun Temple.: A small temple near Jianhu, used for certain Azhali rituals.

Kiss of Life for an Old Caravan Market

Until the middle of last century, Shaxi was a flourishing village on the caravan road to Tibet. The following decades made it a place that history forgot. Now Shaxi is undergoing an award-winning restoration.


Learning Bai

Bai 白族话 is the language spoken by the Bai people 白族 in the Dali area. While Chinese has become the lingua franca, Bai is still actively spoken by many, particularly older people, but it does not have a native written form and comes in many dialects. Here we list the available resources for learning this difficult language.


Jianchuan County Town

Jianchuan's administrative center with a very nice old quarter.


Diannan Township

District famous for its wood carvings.


Shaxi Old Town

One of Yunnan's most atmospheric caravan villages with a well preserved square, stage and ancient temple.



A remote part of Jianchuan county, with beautiful scenery and some old culture.