Lincang Prefecture 临沧市

Lincang to this day remains a borderland, poor soil and little level land limiting its attraction to Han settlers even after the Wa headhunters had been pacified.

However, there are small pockets of interest: the Limi Yi around Wumulong and the Lahu of Nanmei are conservative ethnic groups while in Cangyuan the Wa try to revive their culture for tourism purposes.

Lincang City

While Lincang City proper is an unappealing conglomerate, the Dai areas outside the city remain attractive and only a few dozen kilometers lives Yunnan's most conservative Lahu community.


Yunxian County

Gateway to Lincang.


Gengma Dai and Wa Autonomous County

Gengma County, on the southern banks of the Nanding River, is another multi-ethnic county, with not only Dai and Wa, but also 3500 Bulang and Lahu. The county’s most important and prosperous town is not Gengma, but Mengding in the river’s valley.


Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County

A remote borderland where the Wa still dominate.


Zhenkang County

Zhenkang county administers the ethnically and politically sensitive border with the Kokang region in Burma.