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Weishan Town 巍山县城

Weishan Cloth Art

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Little charm animals, called 三羊开泰, are for sale in an embroidery shop in Weishan's historic centre.

Yi Ancestor Worship

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An Yi ancestor worship ritual performed at Weibaoshan.

Weishan Qing Architecture

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Weishan town has the best preserved collection of Qing architecture in all of Yunnan province, including a recently restored complex including a Temple for the Yellow Emperor 玉皇阁.

Weishan Before Dawn

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Early morning shots in Weishan's center.

The Ancestral Altars of the Abandoned Village

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In the abandoned Ming dynasty village of Like 利客 in Weishan 巍山 the ancestral altars of the 郑氏 Zheng clan remain.