Yunnan · Dali
Binchuan County 宾川县

A low-lying county to the east of Dali with a mostly Han population.
Picture: Zhoucheng's most active temple. 
Zhoucheng Guanyin Pavilion 州城观音阁: Zhoucheng's most active temple. 

Mountains separate Binchuan from Dali’s heartland around Erhai and of all the twelve counties in the Dali region Binchuan is perhaps the least influenced by Bai people and their culture. Only around 45,000 of Binchuan’s 330,00 population are Bai, while the vast majority are Han from Sichuan, who have even given the county its name: ‘Guests from Sichuan’.

The county's most important cultural site is the Chicken Foot Mountain, one of Yunnan's holiest Buddhist peaks.

Chicken Foot Mountain

Yunnan's holiest Buddhist mountain with great views from the top.